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Cuisine at Home magazine is dedicated to teaching and inspiring home cooks on countless ways to enjoy and experiment with new ingredients and recipes in their kitchen. Each quarterly issue features accurate and compelling food and cooking content, plus a wide variety of recipes to satisfy everyone’s food cravings — from authentic specialties from around the globe to restaurant favorites to all-American dishes with updated flavor twists. Great menus make meal planning easy. Cuisine at Home’s professionally trained staff relies on classic techniques and helpful kitchen tips to explain the hows and whys in detail — as illustrated in regular features like Cuisine Class. Step-by-step details and a photograph of finished dishes accompany each recipe in every issue of Cuisine at Home magazine.

Cuisine at Home magazine also offers popular features such as Tips from Our Readers, Test Kitchen Favorites, and Ask the Editors (our Q&A section). In our specialized recipe sections, like Seasonal Kitchen, Cuisine Tonight, Cuisine for Two, Healthy Cuisine, Cocktails with Cuisine, and Faster with Fewer, readers find Test Kitchen-approved recipes that fit their lifestyle. Cuisine at Home helps readers cook with confidence, every time.